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Here’s some rough material, particle system and texture breakdowns of some of the effects from my real-time VFX reel. Starting with the materials for the dragon fire and stone dragon head:


Here’s the material and a .gif of the looping spritesheet for the blue arcane energy orb. I will soon be posting a video tutorial on how the looping orb effect was created in After Effects.


Looping spritesheet for animated 3d planes. It simply uses a opacity mask and curved planes created using 3ds Max


This is the particle system for the explosions, it is a combination of the previous techniques – subUVs for the explosion, mesh particles for debris and damage crater, single frame texture for smoke.


These are some of the more notable effects used in my real-time vfx show reel, most other effects are fairly straightforward and self explanatory. Leave me a question in the comments if there’s something you wish to know!

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