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Email: roddinthemighty@gmail.com

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Senior VFX Artist at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios based in Nottingham, UK.

Experience creating motion graphics templates for www.videohive.net → and freelance projects.

Software Knowledge

Creating real-time FX in Unreal Engine 4 & Cryengine 3.

I am extremely experienced with Adobe After Effects, proficient in using 3DS Max and Houdini.

About Me


My name is Stanislav Valov, I am currently living in Nottingham, UK. I love video games, heavy metal and delicious food!

Advanced Glow

Advanced Glow 00033

Hello! Apologies for the lack of updates, life’s been pretty busy! Today I’d like to share with you a neat little trick I’ve learned in After Effects for achieving really nice quality glow. The built-in glow in After Effects is okay, but it lacks enough control and it’s not very easy to composite correctly onto any background. Here’s a comparison in …

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Arcane orb – Real-time VFX tutorials

Tutorial 03 45229

Hello! Recently, I’ve taken an interest in trying to create some Youtube content in the form of real-time VFX tutorials, using After Effects and Unreal Engine 4. Invested a bit of money into a proper setup for a microphone and just playing around with the settings has been a ton of fun. As a big fan of Youtube and a …

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Riot Art Contest 2014 VFX Entry

Riotartcontest 00000

Hello! For the longest time I’ve been interested in Vfx in video games, so at the start of December, I decided to take part in the Riot Art Contest on polycount.com. The contest had 5 categories for a rule set for each one, VFX being my choice. The main point was to create 2 unique spell effects that would fit in …

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