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For the longest time I’ve been interested in Vfx in video games, so at the start of December, I decided to take part in the Riot Art Contest on polycount.com. The contest had 5 categories for a rule set for each one, VFX being my choice. The main point was to create 2 unique spell effects that would fit in the League of Legends universe, whether original or remakes of existing spells. Having played LoL for unspeakable amounts of time, I was extremely excited to go for it. Decided to use After effects (with Videocopilot’s Element & Flares plugins) to try and tackle this challenge and rework some of the more aging spells in the game, whose effects can use an update. Also I felt that these spells had interesting timing and execution, so I would have a clear set of timings and existing concepts to follow.

Here’s the champions and their spells in current forms in the game: Flash Frost & Pyroclasm.

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